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Please be sure to visit the page of the program you are participating in to determine the venue of your practices and/or performances. While we visit a lot of different schools to offer our programs we do have a couple of "home" bases in our community we refer to as our "hubS".  More information on these venues can be found by scrolling down for photos and descriptions.



"The Loft" located on the second floor of 6740 Clough Pike, we have our large loft space used for group rehearsals and a vocal studio.  

Our Anderson performances take place at The Anderson Center Theater located at 7850 Five Mile Road.


"The SCAC" is a historic theatre located at 11165 Reading Road.  Our Rehearsals take place in the upstairs loft, and our shows take place in the quaint 135 seat theater.  The vocal lessons take place in the music room located on the first floor.