Q. Is it too late to sign up for dance?

A. We accept new students in our programs through January 1 for our spring recitals.  We recommend enrolling as early in the year as possible so that your dancer is not too far behind what the other dancers have learned.  Costumes are ordered in October, we are unable to guarantee that we can order a costume for your child if they start after that date - costumes are required for the recital. If you know you are starting late, we recommend enrolling early to 'save your spot' and to come in on costume measurement day so that your child's costume can be ordered with everyone elses. Please visit the program you wish you enroll in's individual page to fill out a registration form then come to the next scheduled class with your payment.


Q. How do I Drop Off/Pick Up for class?

A. When you come to class, enter through the front door.  Stop at the table located in the hall to pick up hand outs and any important information. Please wait in the hall for your class to begin.  Be sure to stop at the restroom before your child comes to class. All younger siblings need to have supervision in the dance areas.  We are guests of the building and we don’t want to disturb anyone’s belongings.Under no circumstances should anyone be roaming the hallways of the building. Be prompt for your class.  Parents are not permitted in the class, but if your child is crying we ask that you stay. Parents must come to the dance room to pick up their child after the class is finished.  NO CHILD WILL BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE CLASS WITHOUT AN ADULT.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  However, this is for your child’s safety.   There will be a sign out sheet hanging on the wall by your child’s dance room.  This must be signed when you have your child. Parents do not need to stay during class as long as we have a contact phone number for you.


Q. How/When do I pay for classes and costumes?

A. The year is divided into 4 six-week sessions with payment due at the beginning of each session.  It is important that you pay these fees when they are due.  You can receive a discount by paying for the whole year up front using the coupon on the registration form. A late fee will be added if session fees are not paid within a week of due date. NO refunds will be given after payment is received. There will be no refunds for missed/cancelled classes.  Payment methods accepted: cash, checks (costume payments are made payable to Performing Arts, Inc. check with you dance instructor to see who class fees are made payable to), money order, VISA or MasterCard.  All returned checks will incur a $40 return fee.  If you are paying by the session, please fill out the envelope provided for you and give it to your child's dance teacher or a member of the PTA who are sitting at the table by the front door.


Q. What should my child wear to class?

A. Tap/Ballet/Jazz: Black tap shoes, pink leather ballet slippers, and black leather jazz shoes (slip on or laced) are required for all traditional classes. Leotard and tights are recommended but not required. *We always start with tap in our traditional classes.  Please come into the room to put your tap shoes on.  DO NOT RUN AROUND THE BUILDING IN YOUR TAP SHOES; THEY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE FLOORS. 

Tap/Ballet: Black tap shoes and pink leather ballet slippers are required for all traditional classes. Leotard and tights are recommended but not required. *We always start with tap in our traditional classes.  Please come into the room to put your tap shoes on.  DO NOT RUN AROUND THE BUILDING IN YOUR TAP SHOES; THEY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE FLOORS. 

Hip Hop: Primarily black gym shoes or hip hop sneakers.  Any comfortable clothing– NO JEANS.

Musical Theater: Mostly black flat-dress style shoes.  Any comfortable clothing – NO JEANS.


Q. Where can I purchase dance shoes?

A. We have partnered with Payless ShoeSource since 2014 to provide a coupon to our customers, the coupon is valid for 15% off American Ballet Theater Footwear Purchases. Click here for the coupon. There are also several specialty dance shops around Cincinnati (use google to find a dance supply store near you), as well as many online dance supply stores (Including and ). Target caries dance shoes seasonally (normally August-October) and several families have had wonderful luck finding pre-owned shoes at resale stores like Once Upon A Child.


Q. What's the deal with the Recital Costumes?

A. You will be expected to purchase costumes and tickets for the recital.  Costumes are required for the recital, they are $65* which is due at the first class. There will be a night scheduled for costume sizing where parents will come in with the dancer. The teacher will measure the child and determine the costume size with the parent’s approval.  All of our dance costumes are ordered through Costume Gallery, Revolution or Weissman's Dance Costume Companies. The price per costume is $65.  Each parent will make the final decision on what size is to be ordered, if you are unavailable on costume night and do not supervise the costume sizing you are waiving your right to make the size decision for the costume ordered. Our costume order must be placed by late October to ensure timely delivery - most recitals are not until March/April/May so please try to take into account anticipated growth.   When in doubt remember it is easier to take in than it is to make more material appear.  If the costume must be returned for sizing, there will be a $30 fee due to the company’s policy of charging a restocking fee. There will be no refunds for costumes.  Costumes will not be ordered until they are paid for in full.  If you had to miss costume measurement night you can alternatively measure your child yourself, be sure to use the correct form by contacting your dance teacher to find out which costume company your costume will be ordered from, and then download the corresponding Weissman or Revolution form.


Q. How can I make sure I know what's going on?

A. This year we will communicate primarily through a monthly e-mail.  Please notify us if any of your contact information changes.  We will post regular updates to our website, we ask that you check it on a regular basis for updates and information. If you are not receiving our e-mails please e-mail to be added to the distribution list.


Q. My kid needs to miss class, is that okay?

A. In short, yes. We start working on our recital routines in January.  It is important that your child comes to class as consistently as possible from January up until the recital.  It is not necessary to notify us if your child is going to miss one class, however if your child will be missing multiple classes in a row we ask that you notify us so we know that they will be returning.  If you decide to no longer take class from us (which we hope you won’t!) we ask that you please call or send an e-mail and let us know.  Again, there is no refund once payment is received or for missed/cancelled classes. If the school is closed for weather– we will not have dance class that day.


Q. Do I need a ticket for the recital? 

A. Yes! Everyone who is sitting in their own chair will need a ticket for all recitals. There are not separate prices for tickets (no Senior, Child, or Student Ticket pricing differences).  


Q.  Do I need a ticket for all shows - even if I'm a parent of a dancer?

A. For every show you attend you will need a ticket that must be purchased. You are more than welcome to wait in the lobby during the performance or drop your performer off before the show and pick them up after if you do not want to purchase multiple tickets for yourself but we cannot let anyone enter the auditorium without a ticket.


Q. How do I purchase tickets?

A.  Tickets for the recital can be purchased by turning in a ticket order envelope to your child's dance teacher once tickets go on sale (with the exception of Dulles, who mail ticket order forms into the Performing Arts, Inc. offices at 4345 Mt Carmel Tobasco Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244.) if we do not sellout of tickets, they will be available to purchase at the door before the recital, but we cannot guarantee we will not sell out before then so we recommend you purchase yours early. Pre-purchased tickets are normally handed out at Dress Rehearsal and if they are not picked up they will be held at Will Call to be picked up immediately prior to the performances start.


Q. My child has decided they do not want to participate in dance classes, is there a refund?

A. Costume payments can be refunded ONLY before they have been ordered, however once the order has been placed with the costume company, refunds are no longer allowed.  We do not ever offer refunds for anyone who chooses not to complete the session(s) they are enrolled in, all dance session payments are final.


Q: What should I do with my child's hair/make-up for the recital?

A: While make-up is not required, we strongly suggest all performers wear makeup.  If you choose not to have your child in makeup, we understand.  Stage lights tend to wash out colors, so warmer tones will counteract this effect.  Stage lighting also tends to "flatten" a face and remove definition, which is why we highly recommend our performers use makeup to emphasize their facial features.  

Here are the suggested makeup components:

  • Foundation (if complexion is light)
  • Light eyeshadow
  • eyeliner
  • eye brow pencil (if eye brows are blonde)
  • mascara
  • blush on cheeks
  • bright lipstick (girls only, boys do not need lipstick)

Also, please be sure hair is secured out of your child's face.  If you child wears a hat, it should be worn back near the hairline and tilted upwards away from the face to avoid casting a shadow on your performers face.


Q. Do you need parent volunteers for the recital?

A. Absolutely, we are always short-handed backstage to assist with tying shoes and costume changes as well as making sure the next group of performers are lined up backstage. If you are interested in helping backstage, please let your child's dance teacher know. If you are volunteering backstage you will not need a ticket for the recital because you will not be sitting in a chair during the performance.