Upcoming Performances

Below is the performance schedule for our musicals, showcase, and drama programs; Dance recitals are not listed.     Online ticket sales for Anderson Center, and Sharonville Cultural Arts  Center Only.  Tickets go on sale about 1 month before the show, and close 24 hours before the performance.


Oct 9 TUES

R&H Cinderella                                                Anderson Center                              Show 7:30


Oct 10 WED

Showcase Littles                                               Anderson Center                              Show 7


Oct 11 THURS

R&H Cinderella                                                Anderson Center                              Show 7:00


Oct 12 FRI

Showcase Olders                                              Anderson Center                              Show 7


Oct 13 SAT

Showcase Littles                                               Anderson Center                              Show 6

Showcase Olders                                              Anderson Center                              Show 8