Q: How does the audition process work?

A:  We are always gearing up for a new musical at one of our many locations, here are a few things to help you know how our audition process works.

Sign Up! Check the website for the program you are auditioning for to see if you should sign up for an audition slot before hand using sign up genius.  We always accept walk-ins, but if sign up genius is being used it makes things run a lot smoother (and keeps you from waiting too long) if you sign up ahead of time. Be sure to use a valid e-mail on your sign up genius account as we will e-mail important information out to this address a few days prior to the audition.

Paperwork! Arrive a few minutes before your audition time to fill out any paperwork, for most of our school locations you will need to fill out an emergency medical form and/or a code of conduct form as well as the audition form.  At many locations you will only need to fill out the audition form.  You can save some time by printing out the audition form and filling it out ahead of time.

Fees!   The entire fee is due at the time of your audition, please note the entire fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  There will be no exceptions to the non-refundable/non-transferrable policy. We accept cash, checks made payable to Performing Arts, Inc, MasterCard or VISA. Please note that this participation fee does NOT include costumes or ticket. THE ENTIRE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE NON-REFUNDABLE POLICY.  ts to the performance(s).

Sing!  When you enter the audition area, you will come in with your completed audition form, your audition fee, and your number (this number is sitting on a table outside of the audition area, and just gives you your place in line to audition).  The first thing we will ask you to do is to sing a small sample of a song.  You may choose any song to sing, but it is VERY helpful if you can sing a song in a similar style as the musical you are auditioning for.  All audition songs need to be performed a capella (without accompaniment) songs with Piano Backing, Karaoke or other music are not allowed.

Act!  The next thing we have you do is recite a short monologue from the script.   Remember during this part, we aren't here to see your reading abilities - if you stumble over the words that's no big deal, but make sure you speak distinctly and with expression.  Monologues for most of our musical productions can be found here. A few days prior to the audition, you will receive an e-mail with the monologue (or monologue options). If your child is too young to read, or is not yet a strong reader- we will give them the option to just repeat after us. If you do not receive this e-mail 48 hours before your audition, please be sure to check your spam filter/ promotions folders for an e-mail from first, and if you still do not have it, send us an e-mail so we can forward you the information.

Wait!  This is probably the hardest part of the entire audition process.  All casting assignments are handed out individually at script pick up.  At this time you will receive your script and your part.  In some cases, parts will be e-mailed out ahead of time, this is not common.  Assume that parts will be handed out on the first day, unless you are told that you will receive an e-mail with role assignments.

Practice!  We will e-mail a dropbox link to the music files so you can practice the songs at home.  Please listen to all the songs and look over your script (if you receive it before the first rehearsal) prior to the first rehearsal.

*Most of the time the scripts are in for script pass out, but due to shipping and the quick turn around of our casting (we don't want to keep you waiting) sometimes they aren't in yet and you will only receive your part, and not get your script  until the first rehearsal.


Q:  If I can't make it to the Audition can I still be in the show?

A: Yes. If you are unable to make it to the audition you can e-mail a 30 second video clip of your child singing any song of their choice, without background music. The song can be as easy as Happy Birthday. You should then read one of the monologues that can be found on our monologue page or in the audition information email that is sent approximately 1 week before auditions. "Alternate Auditions" must be received within 24 hours of the audition time and notice needs to be given that you will be auditioning this way before the time of the scheduled auditions.  Be sure to include your childs name, age and which production they are auditioning for with your audition clip. Please e-mail or call in to make your payment via credit card as the entire participation fee is due with your audition, and no auditions will be considered until payment is received.


Q:  Is there wiggle-room on the age ranges for the productions?

A: Depends on the production. We set the age groups based on the child's age at the time of the audition. If you are at the lower end of the age range you need to be the lowest age level listed before the performance date.  Most productions will have a firm age limit, some production have a little bit of flexibility.. Flexibility in age range will be the Directors decision.


Q: If I have to miss a few rehearsals can I still audition and participate in a production?

A: Yes. We would like everyone to be there as much as possible but if you have to miss one or two rehearsals that is ok. Please let the director know of all conflicts as soon as you are aware of them, as it may affect our rehearsal planning. If you miss more than 2 rehearsals, your role may be recast.


Q: Who do I contact about costume information for a musical?

A: Tracey Humphreys of Act Like A Kid Costumes offers costume rentals for all of our productions. If you have any questions please contact her at (859) 322-7606. Her e-mail is Please make sure to give her plenty of notice, as she does not have every costume readily available in multiple sizes.  Please note that costume rentals are not included in your participation fee. Costume rentals do not include shoes. All costume rentals are collected immediately following your final performance, so be sure to bring a change of clothes.  A costume rental form can be found here.


Q. How can I make sure I know what's going on?

A. We communicate primarily through e-mail.  Generally, an e-mail is sent weekly to the e-mail address you used on your Audition form. If you have not received one from us make sure is added to your contacts. Always check your spam and/or promotions folders/filters. If you are still not receiving an e-mail please send us as e-mail and request to be added to our distribution list (be sure to include which production).  Please notify us if any of your contact information changes.  


Q: What should I do with my child's hair/make-up for the production?

A: While make-up is not required, we strongly suggest all performers wear makeup.  If you choose not to have your child in makeup, we understand.  Stage lights tend to wash out colors, so warmer tones will counteract this effect.  Stage lighting also tends to "flatten" a face and remove definition, which is why we highly recommend our performers use makeup to emphasize their facial features.  

Here are the suggested makeup components:

  • Foundation (if complexion is light)

  • Light eyeshadow

  • eyeliner

  • eye brow pencil (if eye brows are blonde)

  • mascara

  • blush on cheeks

  • bright lipstick (girls only, boys do not need lipstick)

Also, please be sure hair is secured out of your child's face.  If you child wears a hat, it should be worn back near the hairline and tilted upwards away from the face to avoid casting a shadow on your performers face.


Q. Do I need a ticket for the show? 

A. Yes! Everyone who is sitting in their own chair will need a ticket for all performances.  There are not separate prices for tickets (no Senior, Child, or Student Ticket pricing differences)


Q.  Do I need a ticket for all shows - even if I'm a parent?

A. For every show you attend you will need a ticket that must be purchased. You are more than welcome to wait in the lobby during the performance or drop your performer off before the show and pick them up after if you do not want to purchase multiple tickets for yourself but we cannot let anyone enter the auditorium without a ticket.


Q. How do I purchase tickets for the performances?

A. This is a complicated question to answer quickly.  Ticketing is handled online through SeatYourself for all performances at the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center, Performances at the Anderson Center Theater, and for our West Chester Lakota East Freshman Building performances. Please note that all ticket sales are final and non-refundable and cannot be switched for a different performance.  For all other performance venues tickets can be purchased by completing a ticket order envelope and turning it in along with your payment to your Director.  If there are friends or family members who wish to purchase tickets separately they may call our offices with a credit card to place an order to be picked up at Will Call.


Q. My child has decided they do not want to participate in the production after auditioning and/or being casted, is there a refund?