Sherwood Musical




For the 2018-2019 school year we plan to split into 2 separate productions.

The 4th-6th graders will audition in the early part of the school year, for a November production of Annie.

The K-3rd graders will audition before winter break, for a March performance of 101 Dalmatians!

Annie Logo.jpg

Grades 4-6 shows: Annie Kids

Sept. 20 - Nov. 8. Practices on Thursday after school until 5 p.m.

Nov. 15. Dress rehearsal. 6-8

Nov. 16. Show at 7 p.m.

Nov. 17. Show at 5 p.m.

Nov. 19. Performance during the school day

Grades K-3 shows: 101 Dalmatians

Dec. 13. Auditions.  must sign up for a time

January 3 - February 28. Practices on Thursday after school until 5 p.m.

March 7. Dress rehearsal. 6-8

March 8.  Performance during the school day 

March 8. Show at 7 p.m.

March 9. Show at 5 p.m.