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Just when I think you can’t POSSIBLY top the last performance..... you somehow do! Singin’ in the Rain Jr was absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe how you were able to teach non-dancers how to tap in such a short time. This was my favorite show and I’ve been to many. Kudos to you! We’ll be back for the next one. And the one after that. Etc.”


This weekend's shows were fantastic.  Thanks for all of your effort.  Everyone sounded great.  It may have been the best we have seen/heard.  We are really appreciative of the opportunities our daughter has had."


Performing Arts Inc. is so awesome!!! Family that attended prior performances were impressed (if they weren't they would definately have said so) by all and think it is just so wonderful! We agree!


Miss Tina - Thank you for another fun theater experience!   My girls both really enjoyed doing the Cinderella play with you.  One of my girls gained a lot of confidence this time around and said she wasn’t even nervous on stage! Thank you so much!


Miss Cheryl, I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on your amazing production of Annie. The production quality was beyond anything we’d seen in an elementary school before! & The kids were just amazing!  <My child’s great-grandmother just posted this on Facebook, “This was a jaw dropping performance. Grades one to three.  That director was so good.” (She’s a former radio actress & CCM graduate 😊) > You should be so proud! We appreciate you giving our kids this opportunity, & helping them to be confident & do their best! Can’t wait til next year!!!


Hi Tina, I want to thank you for the wonderful 101 Dalmatians show last night at Cardinal Pacelli. My husband and I absolutely loved it and our daughter, had a blast.  We're looking forward to next year already!  Thanks for all you do!


Miss Cheryl - I wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work that you have put into this show.  You have been so wonderful about corresponding with parents, sending out reminders, and being super organized with scheduling.  I have been SO impressed with your administrative abilities throughout this show (especially because I truly lack administrative abilities:):):) Thanks again all your hard work and dedication throughout this show.  Break a leg this weekend!


You should be so proud.  The things that you have accomplished with these performers in such a short amount of time is truly astonishing.  We've been with you guys for years, and I'm just amazed at how the shows keep getting better! Thanks for another entertainment filled weekend.


What a wonderful performance last night! The entire evening and all the little details were so perfect. My family is new to theatre and after last night, all 3 of my kids can't wait for the next show!  Thank you for all the costumes, props, make-up, music, art, dance and loads of patience:) 


Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into these budding actors at Ayer! Letting some of the children have some creative freedom just made their hearts beam with pride! 4 amazing performances in the books! Hats off to you! Can’t wait for the next one!


Thank you so much for all your hard work and everything you do for GA!!  It is greatly appreciated and we are so lucky to have you! The show was awesome! :)


We appreciate your time and talents! It’s such a gift for the kids!


Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how incredibly impressed I've been with the entire experience I've had with your company.  My child was a very timid first-time theater kid just a few months ago, and now feels like she is with her 'family' every time she has rehearsal.  It's been so wonderful to watch her grow not only as a performer but into a more confident young lady through working with you. The shows were fantastic, I just can't thank you enough!


The musical was amazing!  I have received nothing but positive feedback from parents, staff and administrators. One teacher was moved to tears at the In-School performance. Another teacher said that the kids with the biggest behavioral challenges sat mesmerized through the whole thing. A 6th grade boy asked me if he could come back and buy a ticket Friday night because he wanted to see it again.  Thank you to you and Cheryl for making this opportunity available to my kids and all children at our school who have been lucky enough to be apart of the musical program the past 7 years. 


Please thank your teacher for us. She has done a great job. My child has been in her class the past 2 years and loved it. She truly LOVES hip- hop dancing, and all because of your staff.


Such a great experience for these kids! Thank you!


Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the staff and our experience with your dance company. My preschooler was there for her second year of dance and loved her teacher Ms Caroline. Also I feel that Ms Sarah was very professional and held high standards for the whole school. I felt it was a safe and welcoming environment. Also the dismissal was great from the recitals. My daughter actually went missing at the other dance studio, for about, 5 min or so, until another parent was able to locate her. We will continue to come back to your company from now on.  Congrats on a job well done!


We wanted to send you a note of thanks after another wonderful show season. Your program is such a wonderful experience for children to gain confidence, public speaking skills, teamwork, coordination, work ethic, and of course, have fun!  With every performance, my parents come to visit from out of town, and they too always remark at what a great opportunity for kids these shows are and how important the skills they are learning from them are.   On a personal note, It has been amazing for us to see our daughter blossom in these shows starting with Annie when she just turned 4 and seeing how much she has changed in just a short time. She has gained invaluable life skills and experience that will stick with her forever, thanks to you, your staff, and your program.  We are so happy we came to watch our friend in the Jungle Book, which introduced us to your program. I can't imagine her not being a part of these shows now, as its been such a big part of her life. After her show last night, she told us about Cinderella and how you were doing it and how she has to do it too, so we'll be back for that one too :) She doesn't want to miss any- she has such a good time.  Thank you again for all of the wonderful opportunities in the past and all of your hard work to make these shows so successful. 


My children didn't get a chance to thank you at the end of the show because we had family in town to watch and by the time they left, it was on to Wonka land.  Thank you for teaching my kids the love of the theater.  Each and every musical with you has taught them so much, and they've loved every moment.   I know this group was a particularly exhausting one but it was a pleasure to see how far they've come and the shows seemed to go well. Thanks for the finding the talents in each kid. It has to be a daunting task, but you always manage to pull it off.  Thank you and we are looking forward to the next one.  


Thank you for such a great show! Elf Jr. was wonderful!


By the WAY!! My daughter LOVES your program. She is making friends and can’t wait until the shows!!! This is actually HUGE because she is a very private person. Thank You !


I am just now getting a minute to email my appreciation to you. My children loved being in their second performance with you and you are amazing. The special education teacher in me wanted to email you to thank you for including other children with various needs. Those kiddos did great and I am thankful that my personal children have the opportunity to see that you value diversity in your acting company. We are so grateful for you.


I wanted to reach out and let you know that my son really enjoyed his experience preparing for and performing in the Elf Jr. production.  Thank you for all of your guidance and time.  It showed!  


I have learned so much from all the musicals and showcases with you guys over the past 7 years.  I've learned so much about music and life itself.  I found not only my best friends from these groups, but we've created a family. LOVEU!


This weekend's shows were fantastic.  Thanks for all of your effort.  Everyone sounded great.  It may have been the best we have seen/heard.  We are really appreciative of the opportunities our daughter had.


He loved his camp rock practice yesterday and told us that his new love in life is musicals and theatre and he can so see himself stopping his soccer career after all these years for theatre. How cool is that? Thanks for all you all do. He came home on such a high yesterday from musical practice, after a bad day too in school, saying he got loads of compliments from the new instructor that led last nite and he was so proud of himself. This was after his bully at school put him down again yesterday and he came home just so upset but then after he left theatre, on such a high note, all of the school troubles were out the door and forgotten.  The theatre program is a place he is beginning to feel like he fits in. Something of which he has never felt entirely a fit with all the things he has done thus far. So kudos to u all. U r changing my kid. Ur Making him feel welcomed in all his qualities within himself. His nerdy, athletic, smart, sweet, sincere self. A place he has struggled for so long fitting in with friends but feels so loved and adored during his musical experiences every time he walks in your all doors. I want to thank you all for that and all of your hard work in case people don't tell you enough. U all do such a great job. Cheryl and you, Tina, have started him in a new world I would have never even thought of. You all saw a talent in my child and if it wasn't for u as great directors, the love and place he feels most normal and accepted would have never been found. You found him all the way back in his third grade.. Wow. A day I will never forget. The day I volunteered to help as a parent, when I turned around to hear this amazing little voice sing out loud while many kids little kids surrounded my boy, the star! The big part. I didn't even know he could sing. I cried watching this that day and I will never forget that. I remembered Tina u telling me I needed to pursue my child in voice and I somewhat blew it off thinking he had so many other extracurricular activities that all I needed was one more thing for him to be involved in. And all along, theatre is now a place he feels he fits in and is welcomed and liked without judgement. I owe u all a big thank you. If it weren't for people like you who work so hard and put their efforts into what they love, kids like mine may never have truly find what makes them happy. You found that for my boy and I will always, always remember u for that. He said when he is at theatre, everyone is just so nice and he feels so comfortable in a time where judgements, peer pressure, bullies, etc.  My husband and I always said it is good to have many peas in the pod and that is what made me continue to pursue theatre. Now my little pea finally feels a part of a pod he never felt before. 


We have been goin to all the anderson Highschool plays the past two years and my husband and I r astounded on such the talent we see. We love and so look forward to watching them and it is so great to allow cohen to see where his talents can lead when he gets older. We have Such great programs and my family are loving them every bit of the way. 


I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU for bringing the theater to Montgomery Elementary!  My son was a Dalmatian in the play.  (He is our youngest of five children, so we are busy.)   The experience was perfect!  The kids had a great time, learned a ton, and the final performance was amazing - and so cute!  And best of all, I made his costume, and although I know that a few parents put in an amount of volunteer time, for the vast majority of us - it was super easy (which I appreciate).   Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the performing arts!


We really enjoyed the 5 week musical theatre dance unit of study. It was a change up from the hip hop and also a change as we included 2 & 3 grades instead of 3 & 4 & 5 grades. The older kids kept asking “when do we get to dance”?  This really made me feel good. Before I used your company, we used local square dance callers and also local USA themed dance leader. They were pretty good, but nothing like the quality of dance education that you have brought to our students. Miss Tabby was, again this year, outstanding!! She has a fun way about her, a welcoming smile and the students really worked for her. Her portable music system J even made our hall lobby feel like a dance studio. I hope we can use her again next year! Our after school hip hop unit that is staffed by your company meets here on Fridays! They seem to all enjoy the experience in our café.


Thank you again for offering such a great dance education program for our local schools and encouraging young people to “give dance a try”. I have a real heart for inclusion, music/dance for special needs kids. Probably because I have a 19 year son old with Down Syndrome. Miss Tabby made our 2 students in wheelchairs feel just as special as the rest of the class and they were zipping the “grape vine” routine that she led quite nicely with their wheels. It brought me to tears! I wanted to take the time to recognize the excellence in education that I have observed with your program. I have recommended it to several schools and even invited my central office staff to come and observe. They enjoyed it as well.


I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done this year with our girls. The recital was great and all the groups were amazing! You have taught them so very much and truly made my daughter fall in love with dance. Thank you!


 First off I would like to personally thank you for all the work you did with the Harrison Into the Woods troupe! Their performance was absolutely amazing & I was so impressed. My daughter had a great time & I am hoping she plans to come back and perform with you & the Harrison group again.  Thank you so much for all you do & encouraging young people to be involved in the arts-it is so important.


I just wanted to say that Andrew is such a great singing teacher for kids. He has a very roll-with-it attitude while still getting great work accomplished. My daughter has learned a lot these past couple months. . We've been very impressed with him.  


My daughter is so excited to be a part of another production with Sharonville Junior Players. She had SO MUCH FUN singing and dancing on stage during Camp Rock.  I have to say, I was so impressed with the kids and really enjoyed the show.  She had a few friends come and watch the show and they all decided to try out for Alice in Wonderland too, so this will be so much fun for all of them.  


Thank you for everything you do for the kids. My son was in the Sands hip hop class and I was so impressed with what he learned. The show was awesome all around!


Thank you doesn't seem like enough but I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for all your hard work with the Jungle Book performance. It was a joy to watch my child shine and he truly grew more excited with each practice as you gave him more and more responsibilities. His kind heart and hard work are often overlooked. So this play and his jobs in the show were just the gift he needed at the end of this school year. My daughter has been struggling to find the right activity for her to be involved in with due to her condition of dyshidrosis. Before her diagnosis, she tried soccer, ballet, t-ball which only brought her more pain and blisters since closed toed shoes and sweating cause her flare ups. All her friends are in dance and having ballet recitals right now which she sometimes gets sad about. This year she got to tell them that she was starring in a play. I watched her tell each friend with pride.  The costume woman, Tracy, even made her a special costume so she wouldn't sweat so much and Meeghan being able to wear whatever shoes allowed us to continue with the performance. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and we were blessed to be in this show. We had 28 people come from 3 states to support my little people and they loved every minute of it. We hope we can do this again in the fall. Have a wonderful summer.


Thank you so much for all your hard work!  What you have accomplished with such young actors is outstanding!! We will certainly be back! 


Thanks a ton!  My son loves doing these shows, and it’s such a nice activity for kids.  If only i could ever get my other kids interested!